The first time I heard of Terra was when I saw Chef Eric Paraskevas on Twitter joking back and forth with one of my fave Chefs Sam Jacobson of Sycamore and NoBL. I started to wonder how I could miss eating at a restaurant with such a fun Chef. After chatting on twitter for awhile,  I decided to make reservations to eat there. We had the place to ourselves midweek, except for some exuberant regulars at the bar that came in a little later.

To start we ordered marinated olives can’t go wrong there, my friend ordered grilled chicken with asparagus, roasted potatoes and I ordered the smoked baby back ribs which came with a delicious homemade rosemary bbq sauce. After placing our order, Chef Eric came out and chatted with us, we had a great conversation ranging from his roof top garden to breast cancer awareness.

Before our orders came, Eric sent out a dish that wasn’t on the menu, one of my fave food items SWEETBREADS!

Grilled sweetbreads, radish greens, bacon, micro purslane, grilled corn oregano chichurri

It was delish and I was pretty much a happy camper.  Then came our entrees, unfortunately I do not have a picture of that for some reason…I’m guessing my battery was too low (as usual). My friend enjoyed her chicken and my ribs were the smokiest baby back ribs I ever had. I mean when I went to bed at night, I woke up hungry because I could still smell the smoke on my top lip. HAHAHA

I will definitely be visiting Terra again, maybe during the day so I can convince Eric to take up to the roof and show me what he is growing at the moment.

I know what you’re thinking, “Not another food blog!”. Sorry…not only is this another food blog, but its one written by a person who isn’t overly conscious about writing style. Also, it’s mostly just for me to document the meals I enjoy and hope that others like to read about my adventures.